Discovering Your Video Production Capabilities Through an Industry Partner

Discovering Your Video Production Capabilities Through an Industry Partner

By Lindsay Semevolos, Senior Project Manager, Video Content Strategist


Video is the predominant medium for information delivery. Not only are high quality videos an excellent way to engage your audience, but they are proven to improve SEO and show customers that you operate a modernized business. This blog will serve as a description of our video capabilities, and how Partner in Publishing (PIP) can help EdTech companies enhance their approach to video production and marketing.

To start, here is a brief overview of the types of videos we produce for our clients:

  • How-To – These videos are instructional and typically intend to educate customers on how to use products.
  • Marketing Promotional – Highlight the benefits and features of your products, services, and brand. We can film either on site or remotely with a mix of stock footage and product clips.
  • Testimonial – Your prospects want to hear how your brand and offerings have been received. We are able to interview subjects on site, via Zoom, or through iPhone footage.

Establishing Your Goals:

Whether for customer outreach or internal purposes, we can maximize the effectiveness of your current video strategy or develop one to meet your company’s needs. Before each project, we meet with clients to establish and understand their goals. The first step is to decide what you want your videos to achieve. For example, are you looking to increase page views or boost social media engagement? Perhaps both?

A discussion around the timeline follows after. From there, we will work with you to discover what you ideally would like viewers to take away from your videos, in addition to which channels to deploy your video content through. Once all the necessary information is gathered, the creation process begins. We script, storyboard, and tailor each outline to ensure it remains within your preferred length.

Effectively Managing Video Production:

We manage all elements of video production in-house. As needed, PIP’s various service departments will work closely together to create the best video for your business. From script writers to our digital production team, we place all aspects of video creation in deft hands. To ensure you receive the highest quality product, your feedback will be registered on every level of the drafting process, as we keep you up to date throughout every step of the way.

Finalizing the Perfect Product:

When it comes to your business, video production quality matters. At PIP, we incorporate graphics, music, and voiceovers in the most effective and professional manner. Each video is distributed in the way you see fit: whether that is through email campaigns, dispersed via social media channels, or uploaded onto your website or video tutorial library.

For top-notch work, you need a partner that knows the EdTech industry through and through. Our years of dedication to our clientele have earned us a reputation as a quality service provider. To learn more about how video content will bring your vision to life and enhance your marketing strategy, contact us today.

Lindsay Semevolos Partner in Publishing

About the Author

Lindsay Semevolos is a Senior Project Manager and Video Content Strategist at Partner in Publishing (PIP). At PIP, Lindsay manages a variety of high-level video projects and oversees all aspects of the production process. From project setup, to video creation, to closing, Lindsay has been a driving force in the ongoing development of PIP’s video service.

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