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Industry Insights for a Smarter Approach to EdTech Market Development

How does it work?

At Partner in Publishing (PIP), the go-to-market agency in EdTech, we transform the education ecosystem through our Innovation Marketplace (IM). IM is designed to help and accelerate collaboration between the academic and corporate sectors to increase market share.

Through partnerships with 65,000+ educators from academic institutions and professional associations, Innovation Marketplace offers technology providers direct access to strategic counsel, product development that results in proven go-to-market strategies.

The Innovation Marketplace facilitates communication among stakeholders across the academic landscape. It allows for the creation of innovative ideas, the sharing of best practices, and the exchange of information on current trends.

Innovation Marketplace supplies customer insights through a collaborative space that ensures educational products and services are informed by the needs of students and educators. Through IM, faculty share the evolving needs and behaviors of today’s learners and discover how EdTech products can be positioned as solutions to the learning process. 

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PIP has a strong online teaching network within the education market – including our very own educator panel with 100+ faculty who have opted in to learn, pilot, and use education technology to enhance teaching and online learning. 

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Academic Partnerships

Organizations of academic entrepreneurs such as SkillsCommons, MERLOT, and the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) are collaborators committed to building productive engagement and business partnerships with the EdTech sector. 

Innovation Marketplace Services

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Develop customized strategies to help you collaborate with the academic market and leverage research, analysis, and program evaluation by following a clear methodology that ensures successful execution.

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Raise awareness about EdTech products and nurture academic and corporate relationships with campaigns that fit organizational needs and consider what works best for each audience and stage of the adoption cycle. The goal is to support or inform decisions about where, when, and how to spend resources.


Image showing workshos and consultation service to engage companies and faculty

Engage companies and faculty to cultivate effective, solution-driven products by conducting impactful research in academic markets. This workshop will introduce you to methods for identifying the types of content needed for digital platforms and explore the value proposition of content for higher education clients.


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We support the adoption of educational technologies and offer guidance and technical assistance through our Innovation Marketplace platform. Our expert staff includes subject matter experts, researchers, consultants, project managers, and instructional designers.

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