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Our Speciality Services in EdTech

Are you looking for a partner who can help propel your business into the future of the education industry?

Since 2007, Partner in Publishing (PIP) has partnered with educational content providers and other EdTech companies to achieve their many goals. As a team of experts in the EdTech space, former educators and project managers, we understand what’s needed to be successful in EdTech.

With broad experience and industry knowledge across higher education and K-12 education, we provide clients the necessary perspective, vision, and resources to fulfill business needs.

We want to make sure that your business thrives. Let us partner with you! 

Contact us to learn about our unique partnership opportunities in:

Transform the education ecosystem by collaborating with 65,000+ educators from academic institutions and professional associations.

Maximize your digital marketing strategies by creating a fully integrated approach to sales, market­ing, and customer service to improve conversion rates.

Design, build, and execute an effective business development strategy and sales process to deliver top-line efficiency and bottom-line growth for your business through marketing funnel analysis.

Through customer insights and market research, we will help you develop products and messaging that resonate with your target audience.

We specialize in efficient and successful virtual onboarding for dozens of digital learning platforms and many educational institutions.

We network, recruit and hire to develop your team of EdTech experts who can adapt and deliver high-quality business services.

Whether large or small, we have the experience to plan and execute your next virtual or live event.

Engage prospects by maximizing the effectiveness and quality of your existing video strategy or develop a new approach for your company’s evolving marketing needs.

Our Partners in EdTech

We’re proud to be partnered with these organizations that share our mission of providing high-quality educational technology to the industry.

Case Studies in EdTech Marketing Solutions

Your success in EdTech is our goal


Perceivant is an educational technology start-up company that develops content and courseware to supplement traditional textbook methods. Serving the higher education marketplace, they offer a cost-effective and interactive learning experience for both web and mobile applications.
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Infosec Learning LLC

Infosec Learning provides colleges and universities with innovative, impactful virtual labs for hands-on, personalized learning. Their cloud-based, scalable, self-assessing virtual platform and labs are ideal for any school wanting to train and/or assess on any cyber or information security skill. Target markets include the following

  • 2 and 4 year higher education institutions
  • Individual, department, or committee adoptions
  • Professors who teach Information Security courses in higher education

Cengage Learning

Cengage is an educational content, technology and services company for K-12, higher education, and the professional and library markets. They offer print and digital textbooks, supplemental teaching material, online teaching software, alongside Cengage Unlimited, their comprehensive student subscription service.

Logo Cengage Learning, partner of Partner in Publishing

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