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Partner in Publishing provides high-quality talent you can count on to deliver results.

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What makes us special

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At Partner In Publishing, we know that finding the right candidate requires more than just matching skills. We work with clients to understand their expectations around skill set and company culture.

EdTech Industry

Our team has a deep understanding of the EdTech Industry. We provide insights to clients to better structure their search efforts and deliver reliable results.


Delivering High-Quality

We use an extensive vetting process, including multiple rounds of interviewing and thorough background checks, to deliver only the best candidates to our clients.

Customized Recruitment Solutions

We offer customized recruitment solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our team works closely with clients to deliver the right talent for their team.

Overall, our talent acquisition expertise, EdTech industry knowledge, commitment to high-quality talent, and customized solutions make us the ideal partner for any company looking to build a strong team.


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Our Recruiting Team offers talent acquisition and recruitment services that prioritize the important of client and candidate fit. We know what you need and who can help support your business goals from start to finish. Partner in Publishing’s Recruiting Service is led by industry experts Jonathan Abrams and Anne Williams who bring market insights and a keen eye for talent.

The mission of our Recruiting Service is to forge a hiring pathway for both candidates and clients. We believe that finding the right candidate requires in-depth research to determine skill alignment and cultural fit. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we leverage our deep EdTech industry insights, and talent acquisition expertise to deliver client centric solutions. As your strategic partner, we aspire to empower companies of all sizes to build robust and growth oriented teams.


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VP of Marketing

Director of Customer Success

VP of Revenue Operations

VP of Sales

Director of Sales

Chief HR Officer

Director of Software Development

Working with a search firm that not only understands our market and candidate profile but is also sensitive to the importance of cultural fit at Ready Education is a key factor in working with PIP. They delivered high quality and well vetted candidates and helped us fill key sales roles. They are our ‘go-to’ partner in recruiting

John Hope, VP of Sales, Ready Education

Our Talent Acquisition Process

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Build a strong client relationship by thoroughly understanding their business, culture, and strategic objectives, while also offering valuable market insights tailored to the role. 

Conduct research, interviews, and present candidates, highlighting those who would bring both the necessary skills and the right persona for our partners.

Maintain constant support and contact throughout the interview and offer process.


Anne is a Senior Director and leader with 15+ years of experience in education resources, print and digital. She works with Partner in Publishing, overseeing research and recruiting. Prior to this, she held leadership roles at Pearson, including General Manager and Vice President for Higher Education. With a track record of success, she brings strategic expertise and innovative solutions to the industry, making her a unique asset in the talent acquisition world

Anne Williams

Senior Director, Research & Recruiting

Jonathan is an accomplished senior leader with extensive experience in the education vertical. He is currently the Vice President & Senior Search Partner at Partner In Publishing (PIP). Previously, he served as SVP & Managing Director at Nelson Education. Throughout his career, Jonathan has driven growth, expanded into new markets, and provided strategic market insights for both startups and established brands to help grow their businesses

Jonathan Abrams

Vice President, Senior Search Partner