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Devising strategies to build and maintain sales momentum in a crowded market space
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INFOSEC Learning

Infosec Learning provides colleges and universities with innovative, impactful virtual labs for hands-on, personalized learning. Their cloud-based, scalable, self-assessing virtual platform and labs are ideal for any school wanting to train and/or assess on any cyber or information security skill. Target markets include the following:
– 2 and 4 year higher education institutions
– Individual, department, or committee adoptions
– Professors who teach Information Security courses in higher education

The Challenge

Infosec Learning’s innovative platform is reputable in the EdTech and professional training markets. As such, the Infosec team was focused on building best-in-class virtual labs, but lacked a strong pipeline of leads to drive revenue and secure funding. In order to address this need , the company sought to boost name recognition, overhaul their sales process and develop an established customer base.


Partner in Publishing (PIP) began the process of building a series of growth engines from the ground up while expanding support efforts with customers. PIP was instrumental in the following efforts:

PIP collaborated with the INFOSEC CEO to create a comprehensive sales and business development strategy that deployed the following tactics:

The INFOSEC Learning/PIP partnership resulted in 150 secured adoptions, a 25% increase in business from semester to semester and a 30% close rate.