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Fast-tracking the familiarization and proficiency process for college teachers with their digital education products
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Cengage is an educational content, technology and services company for K-12, higher education, and the professional and library markets. They offer print and digital textbooks, supplemental teaching material, online teaching software, alongside Cengage Unlimited, their comprehensive student subscription service.

The Challenge

As virtual learning materials, such as online classroom software, become commonplace in the education sector, the need for detailed onboarding processes has intensified. With a vast array of products and platforms, Cengage has thousands of K-12 and higher ed instructors in need of training services every year. To address the high volume of educators looking for thorough tutorials of Cengage products, Partner in Publishing (PIP) facilitates an ongoing, detailed year-round customer onboarding process.


Working with Cengage, PIP created an exclusive, “guide by your side” program for Cengage: one-on-one, virtual, educational technology training sessions. The goal of this highly personalized approach is to instruct teachers how to maximize the potential of their digital course products. A dedicated PIP trainer provides instructors with the personalized support they need to build confidence in their digital product. The support educators receive includes a variety of services, including virtual onboarding on their digital product from set up, to student registration. If needed, PIP also provides seamless integration of the digital product into the instructor’s learning management system, course customization training, and comprehensive support, guaranteeing satisfaction and success.

Together, PIP and Cengage facilitate an efficient year-round process catering to any customer’s needs:


The developed customer onboarding process continues to be a success, garnering high praise from educators, sales reps, and product teams.

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