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Innovation Insights

October 2022

Connecting you with the latest trends, insights, and innovation in EdTech and educational publishing

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A Letter From Lisa

Welcome to Partner in Publishing’s new quarterly newsletter, Innovation Insights. Our mission at Partner in Publishing (PIP) is to cultivate a community of modern like-minded entrepreneurs, influencers, educators, and EdTech professionals who can access and share insights and ideas, as well as shared experiences during this era of digital transformation and rapid expansion. I envision Innovation Insights as a bridge that will connect our network of professionals with inspiring success stories and the innovative work industry leaders, co-workers, colleagues and friends are accomplishing within their field. We hope to ignite further innovation and out-of-the-box thinking that will help make a positive long-lasting impact on education’s ecosystem.


This month marks PIP’s 15th year of partnering with the best and brightest in EdTech!

Lisa March, founder and Managing at Partner in Publishing
What You Need to Know Partner in Publishing

What You Need to Know

Socioeconomic factors are fueling the demand for digital learning, which has given rise to some online education trends worth noticing. When an education trend is born, there’s an opportunity for growth and expansion for innovative technology that can meet the demand effectively. 

Why Teachers are the Ideal Candidates for Edtech Employmen Partner in Publishing

Trending Insights

What happens when a former teacher transitions to a career in EdTech? It’s a golden opportunity for employers to consider candidates with field experience in the very sector they are targeting. Read one teacher’s story about her journey towards an EdTech career. She also happens to be one of ours!

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Cheers to 15 Years!

A Milestone to Celebrate

What better way to commemorate our evolution within the education industry than to piece together a fun video that spotlights the sentiments and reflections from some of our PIPsters.

Innovation Marketplace

A New Approach to Market Development

Have you heard about PIP’s Innovation Marketplace? We have the opportunity to convene a network of educators and EdTech thought leaders to conceptualize, promote, and craft new approaches to leverage the power of technology to deliver the best educational experience to students and educators. Watch our video to learn how this approach to market development can be a game-changer for EdTech companies.

Rhone O_Hara Research Analyst and Content Strategist Partner in Publishing

Industry Perspectives

An Inclusive State of Mind

Research Analyst and Content Strategist, Rhone O’Hara, believes inclusion is the foundation of the academic and market research process.

Did You Know?

According to one study, more than 60% of the Global EdTech Top 1000 startups were founded within the last six years–and the growth is projected to continue. What does this mean? EdTech startups need to be prepared to sell themselves. When it comes to hiring—either a start-up or global corporation—it’s easy to fall into the mindset that it’s the candidates that need to impress you. In reality, that’s only half the story. Candidates, especially passive ones, are also evaluating your company and your leadership. Be prepared to present them with compelling reasons for them to want to work with you. Partner in Publishing has a recruiting team that not only recognizes quality candidates, but is able to effectively sell your company’s vision to prospective employees.

“XanEdu, a Scholarus Learning Company,  has been working with the Partner in Publishing (PIP) team for the past year as we launch new products and expand our business. The PIP team is great to work with! They offer critical expertise in terms of go to market strategy, marketing campaign development and management, branding and design, and are guiding our team as we embrace digital media and promotions. Based on our positive results, we are expanding into additional PIP services including market research, dashboards and are excited to partner with their Innovation Marketplace. Our small marketing team couldn’t do what we do without their partnership!”

Joyce Mueller
VP of Marketing, Scholarus Learning

Forward Thinking

Learn more about our full menu of services to support your efforts as a forward-looking company.

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