Partner in Publishing launches Innovation Marketplace, enabling EdTech companies and educators to collaborate on learning technologies

Partner in Publishing’s Innovation Marketplace provides companies the customer insights they need to fuel growth and educators the opportunity to influence technologies that address their biggest challenges

GLASTONBURY, CT— May 25, 2022

Partner in Publishing (PIP), the full-service agency of choice serving the education, workforce development, and corporate training markets, announced the launch of its Innovation Marketplace (IM). Through partnerships with MERLOT, SkillsCommons, and the United States Distance Learning Association, IM offers providers direct access to 65,000+ educators. This new service ultimately enables EdTech and publishing companies to design a customer-centric approach to market development.

Projected to reach $1 trillion by 2027, the market for digital education products and services is larger than ever. Today, many EdTech companies rely on marketing data to inform how they develop and bring products to market. For providers in any industry, the power of using customer insights to inform market development is well known. McKinsey has reported that organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85 percent in sales growth.

Through a variation of innovation projects, consultations, and workshops, the IM allows EdTech providers to gain detailed insights about teaching, learning, and administrative requirements that they can use to inform product development, go-to-market strategy, and services related to implementation and support. For educators, the Innovation Marketplace offers early access to technologies with the potential to meet their needs as well as the opportunity to influence product development.

“For innovation to truly make an impact on teaching and learning, EdTech companies and educators must find ways of collaborating that are mutually beneficial,” said Gerry Hanley, Chief Academic Officer at Partner in Publishing, who leads the Innovation Marketplace initiative. “By creating a space where educators can provide input and feedback to providers, we can ensure that the EdTech market proactively accounts for and includes the needs and goals of educators and students.”

The Innovation Marketplace represents PIP’s latest effort to help education companies accelerate growth by leveraging the agency’s market expertise and network of educators. Through go-to-market strategy and execution, PIP enables providers to move more quickly, navigate the complexities of the education market, and stay in-step with educators’ changing priorities.

The Innovation Marketplace’s launch partners include XanEdu, Nearpod and Modern Campus.

“Gaining insights into the preferences and behaviors of the educators and students we’re trying to reach is essential to our growth,” says Joyce Mueller, Vice President of Marketing at XanEdu. “With PIP’s network of educators who are passionate about innovation, we’re in a better position to achieve our goals, and to help educators and students achieve theirs.”

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