EdTech and the Gig Economy

EdTech and the Gig Economy Partner in Publishing

By Lisa March, President, Founder, Partner in Publishing

In recent weeks, EdTech companies have experienced painful downsizing, as layoffstracker.com reports significant staffing cuts at Newsela, 2U, Byju, MasterClass, SkillShare, Eruditus and countless others. Many displaced workers are hoping to land short term gigs or freelance work until they find their next job – but that challenge is twofold.

First, being a freelancer is tough. The #1 difficulty for freelancers remains finding enough work to keep busy. In fact, the lack of steady projects is often the challenge that motivates freelancers to eventually search for full-time work.

Second, for those hiring freelancers, it can be worrisome to rely on short-term employees as many move to the steadiness of a full-time role. Before Partner in Publishing grew to 50+ full-time and project-based experts, I learned the hard way and worked around the clock to finish projects because many of my contract workers had made the move to accept full-time positions.

So, what then, is the solution for freelancers and those outsourcing work?

Partner with Us

Partnering with an agency that connects EdTech companies with market expertise provides stability and opportunity for both parties. 

For freelancers, Partner in Publishing ensures job security by sustaining your project pipeline through our partnerships with 35+ renowned EdTech companies

For EdTech companies, our industry experts provide you with flexibility, freedom and access to top talent who are centrally managed and held accountable so you don’t have to worry whether your contract help finds a different gig or a full time job. 

Contact us to jumpstart your sales, marketing and market research initiatives.

Lisa March Partner in Publishing

About the Author

Lisa March, Founder and President of Partner In Publishing, is a well-known leader and innovator within the education, EdTech, and commercial consultancy space. She has grown PIP from a one-woman shop to a large team of managing partners, project managers, and associates. Lisa prides herself on her pioneering work with many of the world’s top brands in the K-12, higher education, and enterprise marketplaces. She works very closely with CEOs of EdTech startups and has been instrumental in helping our clients increase revenues and grow their brands.

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