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Navigating Financial Challenges
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Welcome to The EdTech Pulse, your ultimate guide to staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends and innovations in education technology, K-12, higher education, and workforce development. With each edition, we provide fresh industry news, insightful analysis, and valuable resources to empower you to make proactive, informed decisions. This week, we explore solutions for scaling EdTech while effectively managing financial challenges.

Industry News

  • California has allocated $470 million to the Golden State Pathways program, aimed at preparing students for both college and careers through integrated career technical education and college preparatory courses. Read more.
  • Multiple universities are facing substantial budget cuts, leading to program eliminations and staff reductions. Read more.
  • Leveraging EdTech for high-dosage tutoring can cut costs by a third without compromising the impact on student learning. Read more.
  • Looking for strategies to maximize ESSER Funds? Read more.

Innovation, Trends, & Tools

  • EdTech innovators are being recognized for their outstanding solutions that are transforming education globally. Click here to explore the 2024 EdTech Breakthrough Award winners.
  • AI continues to evolve in its ability to enhance education – don’t avoid it, embrace it. Here are the 10 best AI tools for education.

The Course Materials Corner with Dr. Mike Moore

Academic Researcher | Course Materials Intervention Strategist | Higher Education Consultant

Scalability in Higher Education

I thought I would open the first Course Materials Corner of our first newsletter with a potentially controversial take. As a publisher of higher education course materials, developing a plan to grow the adoption of your materials is as essential as developing the content itself. As you develop and execute your plan, one important strategic partner that you need to consider is the campus bookstore. There are a number of reasons for including the campus store in your scalability plans, but one of the most important reasons is accessibility. This is for you as the publishers and for your end users.

According to a recent industry survey, the bookstore is still the number one place faculty recommend students purchase their materials and the number one place where students actually purchase their materials. Additionally, during a course materials pilot survey for one of our clients, 60% of faculty and 64% of students indicated they wanted the course materials available for purchase in the bookstore.

Faculty Survey Results

Student Survey Results

Both survey results tell us that if the bookstore is the place where faculty direct students to purchase and students are purchasing their materials, it is essential that your products be available there. Bookstore accessibility of your product is especially important for students who use Title IV financial aid funds before disbursement and students who use sponsored accounts to acquire their required course materials. This doesn’t mean you abandon your faculty outreach efforts, just add the campus bookstore to the list of stakeholders who can help your growth.

If you are struggling to scale your course materials efforts or want to learn more, connect with us to find out how we can support your adoption growth.

For the Educators

We offer paid opportunities for educators to participate in market research that will help transform educational tools. Opt-in here to learn more.

Upcoming Conferences

Exciting New Partnerships

Partner in Publishing was awarded a grant to support the adoption and scalability of innovative courseware for General Chemistry and Introductory to Statistics courses. With this grant, we have formed partnerships with with Lumen Learning and a collaborative effort between the Center for Education Through Exploration (ETX) at Arizona State University and the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University to introduce innovative, affordable course materials solutions aimed at enhancing academic success and equity. The new courseware products are specifically designed for critical gateway courses with the highest withdrawal and failure rates among underrepresented student populations.

Keep your eye out for our press release on this incredible partnership!

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