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Innovation Insights

January 2023

The latest trends, insights and innovations in EdTech and educational publishing.

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A Letter From Lisa

As we enter 2023, educators, administrators, and service providers in the EdTech marketplace reflect on successes, failures, and what lies ahead. As such, discussions around ChatGPT, gamification, metaverse, and micro-credentialing are gaining and sustaining momentum. In this issue of Innovation Insights, we’ve leveraged our own research and observations to highlight how these innovations are expected to impact institutions and the workforce this year.

Lisa March, founder and Managing at Partner in Publishing
Trending Insights

Trending Insights

AI learning, ChatGPT, and gamification have made headlines in recent weeks as educators and institutions grapple with the decision whether to accept such technologies into the classroom. The question remains: are these digital tools cutting-edge or disruptive? Here’s what we can learn from early adopters.

What You Need to Know

Alongside emerging technology, micro-credentials and digital badging have become more common among students, lifelong learners, and qualifying EdTech candidates. But how can EdTech companies provide similar opportunities to current employees? With all the courses and certifications available, EdTech companies should consider investing in their employees, enabling them to expand their capabilities and keep pace with technological advancements.

Innovation Spotlight

Innovation Spotlight

Transforming Higher Ed and Workforce Development

There is a digital evolution underway, one that higher ed institutions are still adapting to and reckoning with. In this issue, we aim a spotlight on an EdTech innovator who is leading the charge, building a higher ed community that connects people and initiatives in an attempt to mend the silos that exist within higher ed. Amrit Ahluwalia, Editor In Chief at The EvoLLLution: A Modern Campus Illumination, sat with Innovation Insights for a discussion about the significant role micro-credentials play within higher ed and the workforce.

PIP Insights

Industry Perspectives

First Impressions

Senior Director of Research and Recruiting, Anne Williams, believes that it is just as important for employers to impress candidates as it is for candidates to impress potential employers. Your company’s story can have a significant impact on their decision to accept an offer.

Did You Know?

The solution? A talent acquisition and recruiting partner that specializes in education. In 2022 alone, PIP has sourced and placed 40+ candidates across 15 EdTech companies, helping them to fulfill their missions to be agents of change in the field of education.

EdTech Arena

The EdTech Arena

Publishing in the Era of Modern Technology

How will advancements in technology continue to shape content publishing? As the traditional conceptions of “publishing” have evolved alongside the emergence of online platforms, so too has the process of content creation and distribution. With avenues like LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram or online news that now make publishing a universal experience, everyone is considered a publisher.

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Chief Marketing Officer, VitalSource

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