Support Your Company’s Momentum With Talent Acquisition

How are you assessing the value of your company? If you consider the products or services you provide to be the underpinning of your business success, then it’s time to think again. You may have identified your immediate and long-term goals, but if your team cannot implement them, then your vision is worthless. A company’s […]

Seven Critical Marketing Strategies for EdTech

By Lisa March EdTech entrepreneurs across the country have had to embrace a ‘new normal’ in education. Due to the far-reaching effects of the pandemic, schools banked on digital tools and interactive learning in an unprecedented way. Plenty of people have recognized the huge potential of EdTech, particularly because it promises market sustainability, but who […]


Email marketing is not only the route to your customer’s heart, it is also the most economical way to reach your audience, so it is not surprising that your most valuable asset is your email marketing database. Your list of potential prospects is the point of entry to inform the market about your products and […]


So your worst fears have been realized and you are on a blocklist. What now? Tempting though it may be to trigger DEFCON 1, this is not the time for panic or anger. In “blocklist” (link here) we talked about the actions and behaviors that resulted in your inclusion on a blocklist, and now we […]


Like most Americans in possession of a computer, I receive a lot of unwanted emails. My inbox is inundated with information as haphazard and as impotent as buckshot, and despite my best efforts, it keeps on coming. As a consequence, I ruthlessly delete, unsubscribe, and champion the anti-spam filter….but hang on, if that’s what I […]